Tees That Feed

“As a change-maker, Althea Dyce aspires to see children in need break negative cycles of academic incompletion and reach their full educational potential and life goals.”

~ SocialVentures Zone

From 2011 to present, Toronto’s Child Poverty Rate has ranked among the highest in Canada; and most recent statistics leaves Toronto as Canada’s highest in child poverty with twenty-nine percent of Toronto children living in low-income households. The national average is nineteen percent. Having had grown-up in low income housing, herself, and witnessed children around her going to school hungry, Althea Dyce was inspired to create Tees That Feed. Tees That Feed is a clothing company out of the SocialVentures Zone that is addressing Toronto’s poverty issues by providing meals to local kids. Every tee-shirt sold through Tees That Feed provides five nutritious breakfasts for Toronto children living below the poverty-line.

To quote Althea from a SocialVentures Tweet, “I really hate the quote ‘beggars can’t be choosers.'” Access to basic social determinants of health should be a fundamental right despite one’s socio-economic status. This includes access to the choice of healthful foods that are often non-existent in common food-banks. With Tees That Feed, Althea is increasing a child’s access to nourishing food, which helps children grow and learn, while providing the consumer with a high quality, eco-friendly product.

After graduating from Humber College’s Multi Media Design Program in 2012, Althea married her skills and passions to create her ethically-sourced, eco-friendly clothing brand. Each T-shirt sold is packaged in a cleverly designed cereal box, reminding the purchaser of the messaging and motivation behind each sale. Tees That Feed isn’t just a startup venture for Althea. It is a deeply personal mission that ties the purchase of a T-shirt to the provision of nutritious breakfasts on a consistent basis for some of Toronto’s most vulnerable children.

Learn more about Tees That Feed on their website, and keep up with their latest updates by following their social media channels via Twitter and Instagram. If you are interested in starting your own social venture, checkout Ryerson’s SocialVentures Zone; interested in connecting with a group of supportive social entrepreneurs, checkout SVZ’s Caffeinated Innovators every Friday morning at 9AM.

Tees That Feed