Peoples Product Clothing makes ethical and affordable Canadian-made clothing. The creators are Eva Parell and Chelsea Mazur, both graduates from Ryerson University’s Faculty of Communication and Design in Fashion. Based out of Zone Learning’s  Fashion Zone, this start-up has created a business model where the creation of affordable clothing is not built on the backs of poorly-paid labourers, compromising their quality of life and often the land they live on.

Peoples Product is on a quest to make fashion and fair trade practices work in harmony. The co-founders believe in the beauty of artisan traditions and sustainable practices. Collections are sold online and in local pop-ups to maintain full control and transparency of the Peoples Product brand.

With an objective to honour Fair Trade practices, Peoples Product practices non-discrimination and gender equality, creating safe and healthy working conditions and ensuring fair and equal pay for both women and men. Eva and Chelsea work only with fair trade producers, natural and sustainable fabrics, and recycled and sustainable packaging while maintaining brand transparency. Honouring their production team, everyone involved–from the loom to measuring and sewing–are posted up on the Peoples Product’s website.

Parell and Mazur’s garments are all made with sustainable fabrics produced on looms. The consumer is then left with affordable options that have supported the people and environments involved in production along the way. This is an incredible objective in the current world of fast fashion, where the backstory of any garment is likely to be rooted in human and environmental exploitation.  If you want to learn more about Peoples Product Clothing, feel free to peruse their blog, or if you have a fashion design, with a prototype that you want to grow and further develop, checkout Zone Learning’s Fashion Zone.

People Product model and Transparency mandate