Practice makes perfect, yet up to 440,400 patients die during surgeries due to medical errors each year, and many suffer from complications. Marion Surgical, out of the Biomedical Zone, is using virtual technology and haptic feedback to improve surgical training – a virtual reality, surgical simulation platform intended to effectively share the world’s surgical knowledge to improve patient outcomes. This is a fascinating marriage of medicine and technology.

Virtual technology has been widely used in story-telling and gaming, and it’s brilliant to think that this technology can also be used in the medical industry, paired with haptic feedback, to improve muscle memory as a means to improving quality of surgical care and quality of life for patients. Below you’ll find a video describing this particular product and, through virtual surgical practice, its potential breadth of impact in the medical field.

Marion Surgical came into existence in 2016, founded by serial entrepreneur and CEO, Ben Sainsbury, and started alongside, esteemed Chief Medical Officer/ Urologic Surgeon, Dr. Rajiv K Singal.  Marion Surgical has since expanded into a team consisting of past Ryerson biomedical engineering students, and software and VR developers. Marion Surgical is currently incubated in the Biomedical Zone.

The Biomedical Zone is unique because it gives students the opportunity to complete placements within local healthcare startups, a growing field in the GTA. Since its inception, the Biomedical Zone has been approached by other masters programs in the Toronto region for similar placements spanning engineering, research, and business development.

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