A fire breaks out and you call 911, but with the time it takes the firefighters to get to your home and destroy the fire, so much of your home gets damaged. What if the fire was prevented before it even began? InteliStop, one of our incubating ventures, is working on just that!

InteliStop focuses on protecting homes using simple solutions. Currently they’re developing a safety plug which replaces current wall outlets to eliminate the risks and hazards of a fire occurring. The safety plug acts as an outlet, however it’s unique in that the system is able to detect if a fire is about to start from any of the appliances attached. It is then able to automatically shut off any appliance that is attached to the safety plug — thereby preventing a fire from occurring.

Amin Nikdel, the founder and CEO, noticed that the only solutions to fires were for after the fire had started. He also noticed that the only safety measure in place in homes is a smoke detector. He decided it was important to be proactive rather than reactive and focused on creating a preventative solution. He now has a team of designers, computer engineers, software developers, and hardware experts working together to change the way homes are protected.

InteliStop is hiring!

This company is looking for a Hardware Engineer to join their team. Refer to this job posting for requirement details; compensation is negotiable. Please contact the SDZ or Amin Nikdel directly if you would like to pursue this opportunity!