JamStack Amp being used by a few guitar players

Chris Prendergast is an accomplished individual, formally trained in engineering, physics and education. For much of his twenties, he spent his time teaching others as the head of sciences at a small Ontario private school. He then went on to head maths and sciences curricula for a company focused on hands-on learning in maths, robotics and coding. In his spare time, Prendergast indulges in his keen appreciation for music. Considering his professional experience and love for music, it is without surprise that Prendergast was drawn to the hands-on learning environment here at Ryerson’s Zone Learning, where he joined the Transmedia Zone’s Music Den in June 2016.

Prendergast is now the founder and CEO of JamStack – the world’s first truly portable guitar amplifier. The JamStack Amp attaches to the base of a guitar, allowing the user to practice in almost any location without compromising sound– which often happens when a regular amplifier cannot be played at a loud volume.  Prendergast created the JamStack Amp to give way to a more compelling guitar playing experience. He’s now sourcing other investors to help scale his small production run into a larger, sustainable business.

How it works:
The JamStack is made up of three pieces of equipment: speaker system, smartphone mount, and patch cables. Weighing under 2lbs, the JamStack is designed for the musician who wants to travel light by alleviating the burden of carrying heavy music equipment. The JamStack also acts as a fully functional portable Bluetooth speaker with an 8 hour battery life. It allows you to get professional sound and play with popular effects using the power of your smartphone.


Traditional amps have poor sound quality at a low volume. Living arrangements, time of day, and lack of availability for practice space can all impede the quality of practice and sound. This amp has a 10-watt speaker designed to sound great at both a high and low volume. JamStack ran a KickStarter Campaign back in the Fall of 2016. The campaign was such a success that JamStack exceeded their pledged goal of $25,000 by 227% – they raised a total of $81,811 towards the development of this project. In June they ran an Indiegogo campaign where they raised $218,310 by featuring their product as a perk, gifted to those that donated a specific amount.


The Music Den is a newer addition to Ryerson’s Transmedia Zone; it is a place to build your own innovations and to collaborate with others interested in improving music experiences. This particular learning environment allows you to develop your projects past the research stage, providing business design mentorship and free access to resources that are focused on long-term strategy in creating tools and services in the music industry. If you are interested in sharing your own prototype with this program, connect here to learn about the breadth of creativity coming out of TMZ.

JamStack clips on design and sound: