uBioDiscovery is a company based out of the Science Discovery Zone. Started by Ryerson alumni, Aly Burtch, and current Ryerson phD student, Alejandro Saettone, uBioDiscovery’s mandate is to help create a well-informed society with knowledge of their own biology. They are providing their customers with a customized analysis of their gut microbial profile, along with pre- and pro-biotic supplements to restore their microbiome to a healthy state. The team is currently preparing to run a scientific study measuring the impact of probiotics on the gut microbiome, and the substances these bacteria secrete, using the same techniques that will be part of their business.

The gut microbiome is composed of multiple species of bacteria that can be easily affected by dietary choices, medications, and other conditions. However, though the gut microbiome plays a significant role in human health, it has only recently become a subject of study or a potential target for treatments. As long as these microbiome profiles are clearly designed and interpreted for the consumer, understanding the diversity of microorganisms in a person’s body can help that individual take ownership over their own health.

uBioDiscovery accomplishes clearly interpreted microbiome profiles by using next-generation sequencing technology to catalogue the different bacterial populations that make up an individual’s gut microbiome. They provide these customers with information about the diversity within their own microbiome and lifestyle choices that may help in maintaining a healthy population of bacteria within the gut.

This Zone Learning startup believes that the best way to engage the general population in scientific conversation is by providing them with information that affects their daily lives. In fact, an interest in bridging the divide between the public and scientists, and a keen interest in bacteria, is what led to the development of uBioDiscovery. By engaging the general population in scientific curiosity, the company hopes to help advance our understanding of this important aspect of human health.

Due to their research and perseverance put into this topic, uBioDiscovery has received the Kimel CLA Award worth $7500. They have also taken advantage of a gofundme campaign where they raised $1500 to meet with the biggest microbiome company in Silicon Valley.  They are currently looking for more funding opportunities to be able to manufacture their microbiome kits for customers.

Few other fields are more impactful and personal than an individual’s health, and uBiodiscovery wants to empower customers to take charge of their health by providing an unprecedented level of clarity with personalized microbiome testing. If you have a background in science, or are interested in receiving scientific support for your venture, learn more about the Science Discovery Zone from the website.


Superbiome kit from uBioDiscovery