Electrefy Inc is a DC battery venture based out of the Clean Energy Zone.  Founded by Ahsan Ul Alam, graduate of Ryerson’s Engineering program, Electrefy Inc is a response to climate change and the need for faster-charging electric batteries and better public access to appropriate infrastructure. Together, with co-founder Joseph Tam and team-member Sabbir Ahmed – all past Ryerson students – they have developed a low-energy charging system capable of recharging an electric vehicle up to 80 percent in less than 20 minutes. Addressing the issues of accessibility and sustainable use of the product, this product is smart-grid integrated and can recharge itself during off-peak hours.

The work Electrefy Inc’s team has accomplished is receiving some well-deserved attention. They have earned both $5,000 of SEDF funding (Ryerson’s Social Enterprise Demonstration Fund) and $30,000 from AC Jumpstart (Waterloo) to further their venture’s development. In an interview with Ryerson student Kiki Cekota, the team’s next-steps are to commercialize the product once they complete the development stage and determine product readiness.

With innovation comes hard work and unfeigned dedication; Ahsan and Joseph collectively have 19 years of experience channeled into their present work. Experience aside, this team hopes to learn as much as possible from the resources offered in the Clean Energy Zone, before they launch their product at the end of 2017.

To quote an earlier interview with Ahsan and Joseph regarding their membership at the Clean Energy Zone: “The experience here is really phenomenal. What [the] Clean Energy Zone brings that is important for us is industry connections. Being part of this system gives credibility to what we do.”

If you are curious and want to learn more about this project, checkout Electrefy Inc’s website, or if you have a solution for today’s energy demands that you want to further develop, apply to become a member of Ryerson’s Clean Energy Zone, here.   

Animation of Electrefy charging station