The second winner of the 2017 POA Educational Foundation Student Entrepreneur Grant is Marisa Tassone of Contraverse. Annually, the POA Grant provides three students with $6,000 each to assist them in pursuing their business full-time in a Ryerson Zone upon graduation, with an expected precedent for innovation in entrepreneurship. Marisa is currently finishing her fourth-year practicum out of Ryerson’s RTA School of Media, and is based out of the Transmedia Zone.

Contraverse banner

VR technology provides new ground and opportunity for storytellers to communicate narrative, and Contraverse has fully embraced this potential found in using these 360-degree cameras. In the process of directing and producing 3 short films, Contraverse is researching and testing a multitude of capturing techniques with the intention of documenting and compiling “best practices” for producing and editing 360 content.

  1. What inspired you to start this company?
    Contraverse is an end-to-end virtual reality production and distribution company working to fill the gap of narrative within VR content. This project started as a thesis project at RTA Media Production program at Ryerson University, however our passion has pushed us to continue Contraverse as a full-time production company and we have spent the better part of the past year producing three VR vignettes.While we understand it is still early in the days of VR, we aim to make an impact in the way VR is produced and experienced, and to create new processes and techniques for how these are created.
  2. Have you won or received any other awards or special mentions in the past?
    We have received the Ontario Summer Company Award and the Kimel Family Foundation Grant.
  1. How many people are on your team? another co-founder?
    There are currently 2 members of the team, myself and fellow co-founder, Josh Gonsalves.

The 2018 POA Educational Foundation Student Entrepreneurship Award will open in the fall of 2018. It is a grant made available to Ryerson Students enrolled in their final year, looking to further develop their venture incubated within one of Zone Learning’s ten zones.