Jeremy Weisz

Jeremy Weisz, co-founder of Greenspace, is this year’s winner of the Irving N. Arnold Award for Innovation and Invention. The Irving N. Arnold Award provides one student with $1,000 to assist in pursing their startup. This award recognizes and supports a student enrolled in Zone Learning that has not only demonstrated a passion to build an innovative or inventive startup, but also a willingness to share and collaborate with others in their Zone.

Incubated at our Biomedical Zone, Greenspace is a web-based platform that helps mental health therapists easily measure and monitor patient progress in treatment. Patients complete electronically administered medically validated assessments. The resulting data is visually accessible and easy for both patients and the therapists to interpret. This unique data set is then used to generate a recommendation algorithm that matches new patients with the care provider most likely to deliver a successful treatment outcome.  Greenspace was developed in response to throughly validated medical research that shows that patient progress and a strong patient-therapist fit are two of the most important determinants of successful patient outcomes.

“Greenspace supports healthcare professionals with evidence based tools to improve mental health treatment outcomes.” ~ Greenspace website

Jeremy Weisz and co-founder Simon Weisz both earned a business and law degree at the Ivey Business School at Western University. Together they started Greenspace in early 2016. Through impressive collaboration, they have built an esteemed team of computer scientists, an engineer, a socio-cultural anthropologist, a clinical lead, and 900+ therapists that have registered on the Greenspace platform.  Nearly 2 years old, this venture has already received a few awards and achievements to place alongside Jeremy’s Irving N. Arnold Award–the OCE Smart Start Seed Fund and the Social Enterprise Demonstration Fund Grant.

Well done, Jeremy and Greenspace!

*Applications for the Irving N. Arnold Award of Innovation and Invention will open again in fall 2018.