The Irving N. Arnold Award for Innovation and Invention annually provides one student with $1,000, to assist them in pursuing their startup. Students should show a passion to build his/her business and a willingness to share and collaborate with others in their Zone, and innovation and/or invention in his/her business as well as showing practical application of the idea moving forward.

This year’s winner is Natalia Mykhaylova, from the Design Fabrication Zone, for her venture WeavAir — congratulations, Natalia!

WeavAir is fabricating a series of specialized knitting devices that weave functional fabrics and fibres that monitor, purify and condition the air we breathe. Unlike other wearable air purification objects that are awkward to wear, WeavAir makes fabrics and accessories that are stylish, comfortable and contiguous with the body.

Natalia posing beside one of WeavAir's scarves.

Learn more about project updates via TwitterFacebook or their website.