We are living within an evolving technology-enabled milieu. Disruptive technologies have presented new methods of and pathways to design and production that are impacting traditional working methods and organizational structures, while opening up new possibilities.

The active participants in this new milieu are not traditional professionals, such as architects and engineers. Rather, they are techno enthusiasts, makers, start-ups, entrepreneurs and technicians that have a broad range of skills and understand contemporary digital and collaborative working and technology relationships and processes. These new practitioners have largely eschewed traditional the management, procurement and distribution systems that they have inherited in favour of new methods and organizations.

Forum Questions:

  • What are these new formations and cultures?
  • Who are the new practitioners and what is their relation to the ‘Legacy’ architects, engineers and associations?
  • What are the Universities doing to engage these changes?
  • What are the spaces and/or ecosystems and networks in the city –  in this city –  that are emerging, forming and evolving within this context?


Moderator and Presenter:  Tom Bessai, Managing Director, Design Fabrication Zone

Panelists (TBA) – Thought leaders from local Incubators, Universities, Start-up culture, Design Professions