Come one, come all! You are invited to learn more about some of the exciting companies creating scientific breakthroughs at JLABS in Toronto. JLABS @ Toronto officially opened in May and currently has 25 companies with several more in the pipeline. Four companies will give candid, informative presentations detailing their executive teams, an overview of their company and highlighting their reasons for joining JLABS. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the progress of this exciting project and meet the companies within JLABS. Please note that the presentations at this event will include publicly available, non-confidential information only.

Thursday January 19th, 2017

10:30AM | Registration
11:00AM | Presentations
12:00PM | Lunch & Networking
1:00pm | Program Close

Presenting Companies:
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Immune Biosolutions read more»
Proteorex Therapeutics Inc. read more»
Suncayr read more»

Please RSVP online so that we can get an accurate headcount for food and beverages. We will not be accepting walk-ups once the event is sold out.

JLABS @ Toronto
661 University Ave, Suite 1300
Toronto, Ontario

Presenting Companies’ Descriptions:

DoseBiome is focused on innovative Oral Microbiome research that improve the microbial ecosystem in the mouth by preventing diseases such as dental caries and periodontal conditions. The end focus is the development of pre/probiotic consumer products that selectively reduce bad bacteria while promoting healthy populations of the good.
Launched in May 2016, happymouth anti-cavity rinse is the first product from DoseBiome and is a Health Canada approved, unique cavity fighter that is safe for ages 9 months up. Through strong innovation and brand building, DoseBiome will soon be launching more breakthrough products to naturally improve oral health of consumers around the world.

Immune Biosolutions
Immune Biosolutions is an innovative, environmentally and socially aware biotech, focused on creating the best polyclonal and recombinant chicken antibodies as research and diagnostic tools, nutraceuticals and antibody-based drugs to explore and resolve important worldwide health issues.
Based in Sherbrooke (Québec, Canada) within the faculty of medicine of the Université de Sherbrooke, Immune Biosolutions has access to state-of-the-art laboratories and core facilities. We are active members of this innovative community of academic research labs, research centers and tech start-ups. Our mission to raise antibodies to solve world health issues.

Proteorex Therapeutics Inc.
Proteorex Therapeutics is an early-stage biotechnology developing a next generation drug discovery platform technology to discover novel small molecule therapeutics, targeting protein complexes in human diseases. The Company is focused on oncology and has a lead, discovery-stage program (PRX-0345) in Mixed Lineage Leukemia. The founding team consists of highly experienced and driven members from academia, management consulting, business development, and biopharmaceuticals. Proteorex Therapeutics is currently raising seed investments to further development of their lead candidate, optimize the platform, and develop additional candidates in their pipeline.

Suncayr’s mission is to give people the awareness they need to safely enjoy every day they spend outside. They’ve realized that sunscreen alone isn’t a complete solution – you have to remember to reapply your sunscreen. The question becomes: how do you know that your sunscreen is still protecting your skin while you are doing many different activities outside.
To solve this problem, Suncayr has developed SPOT, a smart indicator of UV light. Each SPOT comes with images that kids and adults will love, and every SPOT has a special purple design that changes colour to warn you of your UV protection. All you have to do is stick the SPOT on your arm and apply sunscreen on top of the SPOT, and to the rest of your body as you normally would. When the special ink changes from white/clear to purple, it’s telling you that your sunscreen is no longer protecting you. If you apply more sunscreen, the purple ink will change colour back to clear/white, letting you know that you’re safe. The colour change is fast and reversible, all day long. Since SPOTs will stay on while you swim and sweat, they can provide you with constant awareness of your protection all day long. Safely enjoy every day you spend outside with SPOT by Suncayr!