Thanks to Ryerson University’s Zone Learning Network and Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship we have a fellowship and funding opportunity for Zone Learning members. In honour of Sheldon and Tracy Levy’s contributions to the expansion and development of Ryerson University over the last decade, the university is establishing an award that:

  • Provides opportunities for students from modest financial backgrounds who might otherwise be prevented from pursuing entrepreneurship;
  • Enables students to lever Ryerson’s Zone Learning Network and become exposed to entrepreneurial concepts through programs such as Basecamp;
  • Invests in students with the potential to become future innovators

The Levy Fellows Program will fund five Fellows $5,000 each and provide them with access to the Basecamp program, an opportunity for lunch with Sheldon and Tracy Levy as well as VIP engagements and alumni activities through the Zone Learning Network.

Learn more about about this opportunity, here.