Music taste has always been something difficult to define or even explain to others, simply because it is always evolving and changing. Try to remember the last time someone asked you, what do you enjoy listening to — “everything” doesn’t count. You might list genres, favourite bands or artists, but you would never manage to translate all the elements of your unique music taste; you would just be listing the characteristics that you can recall at that very moment. The situation becomes even more chaotic when we begin organizing the songs in our music library and across streaming services. It’s just tough to figure out what goes where.

That’s why we decided it’s time for a change. What we are doing with Kaign is redefining the entire listening experience.

How old is the concept of a playlist? Well, it came out in the 70’s when radio stations had to pick a list of songs to be broadcasted, then it grew in popularity in the WalkMan, DiskMan era and of course the iPod played a huge role. However, for 50 years the playlist hasn’t changed much, it’s still a static collection of music that is drawn from a bigger pool of songs — tedious to create with limited flexibility. It can also take a long time to create a playlist for a particular mood — by the time you’re done compiling it, that mood might be gone!

Kaign lets you create playlists in seconds using something we call “smart filters”. You just come up with criteria: songs after 2015, pop, excluding rock and having BPM in the range of 150–200. Then press “apply” and boom! Kaign filters your entire music library in seconds and pulls the songs that match your ask, regardless where the songs are hosted — Spotify, Apple Music or iTunes. The cool part is, as your collection grows Kaign automatically updates your playlists, no need to manually add songs anymore. You can find songs in your library that you love, but haven’t listened to in years.

That’s great for you, but you can also share these playlists with your friends. Kaign allows the user to share the smart filters via AirDrop, e-mail and social media. Ultimately, you’re not sending any songs, but instead the music taste that your criteria have captured, so the receiving user can apply the filter and experience the feeling based on the songs in their library, regardless of music service provider. You could create a filter in Kaign, use it on your Apple Music library and then send it to a friend that will use it on their Spotify.

Kaign has plenty of other features that really redefine listening and completely change the way we interact with music. Feel free to download Kaign from the App Store and play around with it. We’d love to hear your feedback!