Over the years, RBC has developed a strong brand presence on campus through a variety of activities. One of their latest initiatives includes engagement and networking opportunities with RBC ‘s advisors. In partnership with RBC and Student Affairs, Sandbox has created a series of mental health awareness and financial literacy workshops.

Why are students so stressed? During this session, we will discuss why anxiety levels reported by current school and university students are much higher than psychiatric patients in the same age group in the 1950’s. Chakameh will be providing tips on identifying stressors and how to best handle them in stressful situations.

Led by Chakameh Shafii, CEO of Tranqool

Chakameh is the Co-founder and CEO of TranQool, an online platform designed for people living with mental distress. She’s an engineering graduate from University of Toronto who founded the Women In Science & Engineering (WISE) national conference in 2013. It was Chakameh’s personal struggles with anxiety that triggered the idea for TranQool. She was inspired to build a solution after hearing from others and experiencing first-hand the challenges of access to mental health resources. Before launching TranQool Chakameh worked at a fortune 500 company in a leadership program.