Over the years, RBC has developed a strong brand presence on campus through a variety of activities. One of their latest initiatives includes engagement and networking opportunities with RBC ‘s advisors. In partnership with RBC and Student Affairs, Sandbox has created a series of mental health awareness and financial literacy workshops.

In this engaging workshop, RBC advisors will teach the community the importance of budgeting and how they can save towards a brighter future. Community members will identify current needs and wants and understand how to effectively budget and work towards various saving goals.

Presented by: Royal Bank of Canada

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has been recognized as a strong community partner on multiple fronts with their focuses on sports, water accessibility, and youths. In 2014, they’ve committed over $104 million in donations and sponsorship worldwide to support community activities and organizations.

For example, RBC’s Social Finance initiative is designed to ignite the growth of social finance in Canada. The initiative supports and nurtures businesses that deliberately seek to make positive contributions to the community. The initiative demonstrates the opportunity to invest in businesses that deliver social, environmental, and financial returns.