Join acclaimed media theorist, narrative scholar, maker and activist Douglas Rushkoff for an interdisciplinary foray into collaborative, serialized drama and new formats for storytelling, as we explore methods for priming a new cultural behaviour.

What is the role of the artist or creator in the digital age? How do we create a sense of continuity in a fractured media landscape? What is the next dramatic form, and how does the role of the audience evolve?
We have more tools available at our disposal than ever before, but how are we using them? How do the dominant patterns, processes and platforms of the digital age shape the way we shape, share and experience stories? What is the format? What is the role of the community and the audience? Where does it get distributed? What elements are digital or multimedia? What is the timeline and what is the narrative arc?
Join us in a timely discussion of audiences, platforms and the evolution of collaborative media, and the development of a new, distributed, enacted, serialized drama with a multiplicity of interpretations… Think Dungeons and Dragons, as opposed to Shakespeare. Or maybe somewhere in-between.
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