Curious about how you can leverage Snapchat to increase engagement at your events? Wondering how Snapchat might fit into your digital marketing strategy? Come to this free 2 hour workshop, where we will touch on:

  • Snapchat statistics and why we use it for marketing
  • How to create your own Snapchat geofilter using Snapchat’s custom filter builder
  • Using a vector editing tool for full customization on geofilters
  • How does all of this fit into a digital marketing strategy?

Instructor: RJ Mojica, Co-Founder of Grilled Cheese Affairs

RJ is a Part-Time Instructor at RED Academy for their Digital Marketing program and the Co-Founder of Grilled Cheese Affairs. Grilled Cheese Affairs is a digital marketing strategy consulting firm specializing in social media strategy, web design and development, and creative campaigning.

RJ has a passion for helping individuals develop their entrepreneurial ideas and loves to get involved in the community.