There are approximately 205 billion emails sent per day, with an average open rate of 30.6% in North America¹. Why aren’t more emails opened? Many entrepreneurs and professionals don’t realize that there’s actually more to email marketing than simply hitting “send”.

In this interactive introduction to email marketing, we’ll combine business savvy strategy with practical learning. You’ll be taught the key elements and best practices for creating amazingly engaging email campaigns to elevate your brand.

Instructor: RJ Mojica, Co-Founder of Grilled Cheese Affairs

RJ is a Part-Time Instructor at RED Academy for their Digital Marketing program and the Co-Founder of Grilled Cheese Affairs. Grilled Cheese Affairs is a digital marketing strategy consulting firm specializing in social media strategy, web design and development, and creative campaigning.

RJ has a passion for helping individuals develop their entrepreneurial ideas and loves to get involved in the community.