Congratulations to the winners of the Social Venture Prize: Eatonomy and CO2Velo from the SocialVentures Zone and Mentorium from the Transmedia Zone.


Eatonomy, Engineering, Maleeha Alvi

Eatonomy is an online store that will sell and deliver to a customer’s doorstep vastly  discounted food items that are past their best before dates, but are perfectly safe to eat according to Canadian Food Inspection Agency guidelines. Eatonomy strives for reciprocal impact. Consumers save money while putting good food on their tables.  Retailers create a stronger bottom line by recovering revenue that would have been lost due to discarded inventory. And let’s not forget the environmental benefits of less food waste going into landfills.
CO2Velo, Faculty of Arts, Julia Rybkina

is a social venture designed to facilitate partnership at the nexus of SMEs (Small & medium sized enterprises), cyclists, CO2 emissions verifying bodies and the difficult to employ. Joining the green economy, CO2Velo will advocate for emissions reduction strategies, living wages and healthy activity through cycling. Cycling incentive projects have proven successful in many cities around the world, yet none promote cycling as an offset mechanism. Cycling is a healthy activity and increasing numbers of cyclists will, over time, reduce car congestion and emission levels.

Mentorium, Engineering, Trent Rand

Mentorium is a mental health app designed for the needs of students. Mental health is a rising concern for students within Ryerson and universities across Canada. Mentorium will help tackle this challenge by providing all students a toolset to manage their mental well-being. Mentorium aims to engage students who want to take action to better their mental health. This includes students within existing counselling programs and students without any other support. Our goal is to create something that benefits all Ryerson students and provides alternatives for the Ryerson community when navigating mental health solutions.

The Faculty of Arts created the Social Venture Prize to support students who are incubating social innovation projects in the SVZ or within the zone network. The purpose of the funding is to advance an initiative and support the start-up costs and to incent Faculty of Arts students to engage in social initiatives within the SVZ.

Thank you to the Faculty of Arts, the Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Ryerson University for funding this prize and supporting new entrepreneurs!

Startup Funds: 2 prizes of $1500 were given to CO2Velo and Mentorium for emerging projects in the initial ideation phase, including market validation.
Development Funds: 1 prize of $3000 was given to Eatonomy for an initiative that is in the ‘development’ stage, to advance their business plan to advance the enterprise to market.