This kicks off our first “Ask an Entrepreneur” blog series in which we receive questions from our Legal Innovation Zone community members and an entrepreneur in our space answers the question. Our first question comes from Ryerson student Yuli Jadov. He asks: “Should law students be scared that there will be less jobs waiting for them after graduation specifically because of legal tech? Does legal tech affect prospects for more experienced lawyers?”

Rajah Lehal from Clausehound shares his insights.

Yuli, “in olden times” (pre-2009 financial crisis) a lawyer could join a firm and float from practice group to practice group, and settle where that lawyer’s interest would lie. That luxury is still available to top summer students at law firms who are attempting to lock down long-term loyalty.  Anecdotally, this luxury has migrated to some of the more innovative tech company organizations, such as Facebook. Receiving a job offer is a real accomplishment, but once recruited, the hiring managers will need to make presentations to the new crop of recruited candidates in order to entice them to join a specific team. The tables turn!

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