What is the Science Discovery Zone?

In collaboration with industry, the Science Discovery Zone is empowering creative students towards progressive impact by addressing global challenges, while remodelling existing educational paradigms. Whether you are a student looking to make a difference, a business looking for innovative solutions, or interested in synergistic mentorship, the SDZ is here connecting science to what you value most!

Everyone has good ideas, but for some reason taking those ideas to the innovative next step (validation, testing, etc.) is an insurmountable challenge. Our hypothesis is that this barrier exists for two significant reasons.

  1. There isn’t a sufficient support network available connecting ideas to people with the expertise who can help individuals realize them, and 
  2. Risk aversion (perhaps ego and perfectionism) and a lack of failure experience prevents certain people from making the “innovation leap.”

We feel that we can validate this hypothesis and kickstart innovation, by connecting various customer segments, and supporting them in the discovery process. Our Zone looks to grow your good idea into a great venture.

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