What is the Biomedical Zone?

The Biomedical Zone is a physician-led, hospital-based health technology incubator located in the heart of downtown Toronto. A joint collaboration between Ryerson University and St. Michael’s Hospital, Biomedical Zone offers entrepreneurs unprecedented access to the healthcare environment, as well as the resources and support they need to develop their biomedical or healthcare venture.

Who can apply?

The Biomedical Zone is open to teams of innovators working on products and solutions with commercial potential in clinical and healthcare settings.

To be able to apply to Biomedical Zone, teams must:

  • Be incorporated
  • Have an idea for a unique product, device, solution or application with commercial potential that solves a significant challenge in healthcare
  • Have a business plan and proposed business model
  • Have passion, drive, a collaborative nature and a global mindset

There are no restrictions on who may apply to join the Biomedical Zone; however, we give strong preference to teams affiliated with Ryerson University or St. Michael’s Hospital.

Length of residency within the Biomedical Zone will be informed by the proposed milestones each team aspires to achieve during their stay. On average, a typical residency may last between four and twelve months.